Thursday September 19th, 2024 - 8:00PM

Location : Big Laugh Comedy Club Fort Worth - Small Room Fort Worth, TX

Get ready for an unbelievable night of competition, comedy, & unforgettable stories!

Comedian Ken Hamlett brings a show unlike anything you've ever seen before. Each comedian will record a live podcast episode in which they discuss stories of drunken debauchery, and then they will do a set sober, the audience picks their drink of choice and then they perform a set…not so sober with an extra catch. 

The comics will be forced to do improv on crowd sourced topics. It’s a comedy party, not a comedy show!!!

Grab your tickets (minimum of 4) before you are stuck wishing you had. Get them now!

Doors at 7:30pm | Show starts at 8:00pm 

Watch A Drunken Night Out Trailer

Ticket Info

- Tickets are sold in 4's up to 6 people per table

- You can pick your tickets and the table you will be seated

- Next to each ticket is a layout of the venue and where your tickets will be located

- There are special VIP tickets that get you closer to the stage, allows you to skip lines, and get special service

- 5 VIP tables upstairs can be booked up to 10 people [For larger groups]

- There are no refunds

- You must wear a mask into the club and when going to the bathroom

- If you refuse to wear a mask, you will be asked to leave

- No heckling or videos during the show, if you can play nicely you will be asked to leave

- Make sure to have fun and be respectful during the show


Grab your tickets (minimum of 4) before you are stuck wishing you had. Get them now!