Private Events

Oh hey!

You must be interested in throwing an epic, once in a lifetime type of event. You know a birthday party, a kick ass party for your company, a show our employees some love type event, a very special occasion like you are getting hitched or it’s a special birthday or any other millions of reasons there are to get your favorite people into a room and just let loose.

You know those parties where everyone talks about it for years to come. Every time you see them in person or talk to them on the phone they are almost guaranteed to bring up a story from that night or just ask “You remember that party we went to. I can’t believe this happened!”

If that is the type of party you are looking for, you’ve come to the right place.

Because we are all about making those memories. You can go anywhere and throw a party. But you can only come to us if you want an unforgettable experience.

There are a million and two reasons why.

It could be the one on one attention to creating the raddest party that anyone has experienced.

It could be the venue that brings ambiance mixed with class mixed with customization to your needs to the art we call food and the drinks that look so cool you must feed the gram before you take a sip.

It could be the location that is located smack dab in the heart of Cowtown aka Fort Worth with a venue located inside a historic building that looks like something right out of The Great Gatsby on the outside and something like a modern day cinematic perfect event with features a person could desire. State of the art audio and video equipment to make that special night only that more special.

It could be the reasonable pricing for the best party experience you will ever have. You will walk away wondering, “How do they not charge double for everything?”

The simple answer…it’s all about the memories. Maybe we’ll eventually charge more, but for now you won’t blink an eye at the price.

It could be the people who help you make this an event no one will ever forget. We want you to walk away with a lifetime experience. 

Whatever it is that brought you here, you won’t be disappointed when you enter your information below and one of our party planners reaches out to you.

The whole experience starts now. What are you waiting for, enter your info below: