The Promise

The promise is to give you the best night out! Every single time you step into the Big Laugh Comedy Club. You will always experience incredible service, fresh delicious food, uniquely crafted drinks - both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, great vibes, and the best comedy shows in the world.

We understand what it’s like going to a comedy club or a restaurant and not getting the service you deserve. The food is crap, the drinks are no different than the ones you can make at home, the people act like they don’t want to be there. 

You deserve a place where the focus is all about you. Where the food is delicious, the drinks are out of this world, and the people are excited to serve you. The way it used to be. Where the customer is everything.

That is what you are to expect and what you will receive when you come to spend time at the Big Laugh Comedy Club.