Matt Friend: Live In Fort Worth

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Is it difficult for you to find a place where you can go that will give you everything you need for an amazing night out? Delicious food, amazing drinks, tons of laughs, great vibes, and incredible service?

You turned to the right place. Big Laugh Comedy Club in Fort Worth is that place. The place you can trust for the best night out.

You know what else you can trust? You can trust that Matt Friend is going to leave you laughing your ass off with all his friends.

By friends we mean, his impressions. Donald Trump, DeSantos, Newsome, Howard Stern, Austin Butler, Jeff Goldblum, and the list goes on.

Matt is one of the funniest rising stars in comedy. You can catch him almost everywhere - online, on TV, in movies. In your dreams. We made the last one up, but maybe.

This is your chance to catch him live in Fort Worth. Grab your tickets now before you wish you did.